The Auctioneer's Guide

Creating your first auction can feel a little intimidating at first, so we've put together a small guide to help you get started on the right track.

We start by clicking the "Sell and item" button in your user menu after you've registered and logged in to the site.

What are you selling?

This page is where you start off naming your auction as well as picking a category under which it will be listed on the site. All of the info you enter from this point until you start your auction is all adjustable so don't be too concerned about the title's accuracy at this point if you haven't reached a final decision yet.

This is where some of the magic happens, when you hit the "Go" button you might have noticed that the page didn't really go anywhere, but what has appeared are almost like search results. With our wide array of listings on the site, we can help you get your auction set up quicker with some pre-filled data based on similar items we've previously listed in order to save you time.

If you find an item that's similar enough to be used as a base template, simply click on the appropriate item and it will continue the process, if nothing in the results stands out to you or you're posting an item the system doesn't recognise and therefore have no results, simply click the "Create your auction" button.

Create your auction

Now we move on to the main meat of your auction setup, filling in all the important data about the product. Mostly self-explanatory fields, whether the condition is new or used, the start date and duration of your auction, where you are selling the item(s) from, pricing, etc.

Previewing your auction

Once you are satisfied with the details you have filled out you can click the "Preview" button at the bottom to preview your auction in its current state before it goes live.

Preview - The owner menu

Once you arrive on the auction preview page, you will notice that on the right is a menu since you own this auction, this menu affords you the ability to control your auction with some basic options. You can cancel the auction entirely, edit the details, or commit the auction and start it at the specified start date.

As warned in the menu itself, once you have started the auction you will be unable to edit its details, this is to prevent bidders on items returning to a won auction to find the details of the item have changed and it is no longer what they were bidding for, so be absolutely sure before you start the auction, or cancel it before bids are made.

Preview - Basic info

This top section of the auction preview will display the title, the seller (you in this case since it's your auction), the time remaining on the auction's duration, the current bid (defaults to starting bid price if no bids have yet been placed), the amount of bids, and it's "buy now" price if one exists.

Preview - Image upload

This is where you can add images of your product to your auction, simply click the button to select files from your device or drag and drop them into the dashed outlined space provided.

Once you have provided images to upload, you will see a progress bar to signify when the uploaded images are done, followed by the resulting uploaded images displayed underneath in thumbnail form, these will then be displayed at the top of your auction along with your basic info.

Preview - Specific details

These details are ones that are designed to stand out to potential bidders, in order for them to make an informed decision on the product, details such as location and condition will be included here and users can click the map pin to see a rough location of the item on Google maps based on the details you filled in.

Below this is the item description, which you can fill out in any way you see fit, it's worth noting that the more information you can provide to potential bidders here the better chances of your auction receiving bids. Details about any specifications potential bidders may want to know, its capabilities or limitations, manufacturer warranties, etc.

Preview - Start

Upon pressing the "start" button, a confirmation box will appear, insuring that you are finished editing your listing before posting it live on the site.

Worth noting again, you cannot edit your auction's information any longer once the auction has begun.

Preview - Cancel

As mentioned earlier, you can cancel your auction listing at any time, even before it has even gone live on the site, you also receive a confirmation option here too, in order to ensure you intended to take this action.

This should cover all the basics for creating your first auction. If you have any further queries or doubts, please feel free to contact us at, or at any of the other contact points located on the contact page.