Leitz Metallurgical Microscope

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Leitz Metallurgical Microscope

This microscope is in very good condition and offers excellent optical performance. The microscope offers upto 1000x magnification.


Upright reflected light metallurgical microscope for the observation of opaque and metal samples for study of microstructures with upto 1000x magnification.

The system can be upgraded to include accessories such as additional objective lenses and microscope camera for image capture and analysis.

The system can be supplied with a full set of new PlanFluor Epi Objective lenses.


Leitz Wetzlar NPL 5X/0.09
Leitz Wetzlar Plan L 25X/0.4
Leitz Wetzlar NPL 50X/0.85 P
Leitz Wetzlar NPL 100X/0.90
10x eyepices
XY stage
Course and fine focus


For UK delivery - starting from £15.
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